Recommended Image Sizes

Image Size Recommendations in Modular

Here we will cover recommended image sizes you can use within various Modular sections. These include the slideshow section, collection banners, blog post featured images, logo, product images, and product feature section images.

The key across all image sections is to keep the focal point of the image in the center. For example, if you're adding text or graphics on top of the image they can easily be cropped out of view.

Logo Images

We recommend using logo images at a width of around 440px.

The maximum logo height applied is 100px therefore it is ideal to have a logo with a height around this size or lower.

For our Popup section, we recommend using an image with at least 600 pixels in its lower dimension. The default aspect ratio here is 8 by 7.

In pixels that should translate to 690 by 600 pixels or 1380 by 1200 pixels if you're looking to create a retina image.

A retina image is an image twice as big as its block or recommended size. This ensures that the final image is sharp even if rendered on an unusually bigger device.

There are also triple retina images which are three times the recommended size.

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